Paws- the Signature Sweater


  • Small

Product Detail

Paw Prints are the signature of your dog. They leave a mark this way just like this sweater is the signature and leaves a mark on Toonpet Urban Dog Collection.

Keeping your furry best friend warm and classy is good parenting!

Made of wool & love. Order today will be delivered to your doorsteps within 5 to 8 days!

Size:S Back Length:21cm/8.26″ Chest:28cm/11.02″ Neck:22cm/8.66″
Size:M Back Length:24cm/9.44″ Chest:30cm/11.81″ Neck:26cm/10.23″
Size:L Back Length:29cm/11.41″ Chest:36cm/14.17″ Neck:30cm/11.81″
Size:XL Back Length:34cm/13.38″ Chest:42cm/16.53″ Neck:34cm/13.38″
Size:XXL Back Length:40cm/15.74″ Chest:48cm/18.89″ Neck:37cm/14.56″