Roger- Turtle Neck Knitted Sweater


  • XXSmall

Product Detail

Elegant and functional this knitted sweater is created to keep your pooch warm.
The fabric is soft and fluffy with beautiful classic colors.
Roger is simple yet elegant in design, it has two sleeves for the front legs, which ease your job of slipping it on your furry best friend.

Toonpet Model: Chewie.
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XXS    7.87 inch /20CM Back   11.02 inch/28CM Chest       7.48 inch /19CM Neck
XS      9.84 inch /25CM Back    12.60 inch /32CM Chest    10.24 inch /26CM Neck
S        11.81 inch /30CM Back   14.96 inch /38CM Chest    11.81 inch /30CM Neck
M       13.78 inch /35CM Back   18.11 inch /46CM  Chest   15.75 inch /40CM Neck
Tip: Always allow 1.18 inches (1-3 cm) error due to manual measurement.
If you order today it will be delivered at your doorstep in 12-20 days.
As always make sure to measure your baby girls or boys as returns and refunds will not be accepted for wrong sizing.